Wednesday, May 21, 2014

summer race calendar

Now that more than a month has passed since the half marathon and I've worked out... twice (?!) in that time, I've been feeling the urge to start training for something again. Since I'd been mostly immobile since finishing my PhD a year prior, the half was definitely a good motivator to get me moving again but it was also frustrating to feel so slow, both because I was getting used to running on hills and also because I hadn't run in so long (duh). Now, I want to focus on shorter distances but getting faster. I'm especially pumped to focus on my running, but I'd love to quicken my swimming pace too. (My biking is probably the only triathlon sport that I'm not horrifyingly slow on.)

Here are the races I'm looking at for this summer:

Basically, I'm setting myself up to cut a lot of time off of my Olympic tri PR at the end of summer, by doing a at least one shorter tri and some 5Ks. I'd also love to beat my 5K PR - I've done so few 5Ks that I think I could beat my PR pretty easily, but I'd love to totally smash it.

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