Tuesday, April 1, 2014

window(s) shopping: blush

I've always been adverse to wearing pink (well, maybe not always, I probably loved it when I was little and loved all things girlie and Barbie). The few items I have that are remotely pink-ish, maybe coral or mauve, I know look good with my coloring, but I think I just have a hard time embracing something that can easily look bubblegum. So I was kind of surprised when lately, I've been craving things of the "blush" variety: soft, romantic pink but definitely not bubblegum.

maxi | blouse | skirt | sandals | bomber jacket | motorcycle jacket

It all started with the maxi dress on the left - this girl loves a good cheap-y maxi dress. I also like the idea of edgier pieces, like the leather skirt or moto jacket, or more masculine pieces, like the bomber jacket, to offset the girlie-ness of the color. 

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