Friday, April 18, 2014


feeling... Too busy to blog lately, clearly. Oops. 

listening to... RAC featuring Penguin Prison - Hollywood. Okay, a year ago I was full-on OBSESSED with this song. The group (RAC) just came out with a new CD and this song was on it, so I am re-obsessed. I also really love the rest of the CD, even though it's pretty different than what I usually listen to. You might recognize Let Go from commercials.

painting... my nails with Essie's Chubby CheeksIt's the most perfect coral, and trust me, I've been searching.

watching... Orphan Black. I jumped on the bandwagon. I haven't been this excited about a new show since binge-watching Breaking Bad last fall. It's an interesting mix of sci-fi, drama and comedy, and I'm so amazed that one actress plays all of those characters.

browsing... be more mindful. Lately I've been feeling so much pressure to go go go and get stuff done, and I constantly feel completely removed from the moment. I've always struggled with mindfulness (don't we all?) but with the coming of spring weather and actual sunshine (the sun DOES exist in Oregon?!) I want to take time to slow down and relax.

lolling... at the Space Jam table read. I honestly don't even know if I've seen Space Jam in its entirety, but I can still appreciate this. Seth Green doing Bugs Bunny kills me.

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