Thursday, April 3, 2014

around the interwebs

    • Graph TV: I love quantifying any information ever, so I spent way too long graphing every TV show I've ever heard of at Graph TV, which graphs the IMDB rating of each episode of a show along with a linear correlation for each season.

    PLL is going downhill?! say it ain't so. (it is, though.)
    • Advantages of Eating Cookies: We all know I don't need too much of a reason to eat a cookie, but I really liked this: Why You Should Eat That Cookie.
    • CATS: I'm a cat lady through and through and found this way too entertaining.

    • What Kind of Stressed Are You?: We're all stressed, but it's hard to know how to fix it unless we know what type of stress it is. I found this quiz interesting and realized I could let myself off the hook a bit since I've gone through so many big life changes in the past year.
    • Hollywood Coincidences: This is so ironic and made even funnier by how well-presented the video is.

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