Tuesday, March 18, 2014

favorites: workout DVDs

I think one of the most old-lady things about me (besides my love for cats and 10pm bedtimes) is my love of workout videos. It's easier to motivate myself to go downstairs and pop in a DVD than it is to get myself out the door to run or head to a gym. Plus, there are a lot of pretty creative, intense workout videos out there now that are definitely NOT the old-lady step classes of yore. (Granted, Buns of Steel is still one of the hardest videos I've ever done.) I think DVDs are easily disregarded because of the Cosmo-cover-like-titles and cheesy pictures on the front, but if you can get past that, you can find some great workout routines that you'll really stick to. Workout DVDs are a perfect way to get in a good workout without having to put too much thought into your routine; you can just follow along and focus on your form. I especially love workout videos for strength training, to ensure I'm getting a well-rounded routine without requiring the creation of my own circuits.

10 lb Slimdown Xtreme

I hate the name of this series but absolutely love, love, love the workouts. The DVD includes an upper body, lower body, core and total body circuit workout including weights and cardio, plus a yoga series which I really like especially considering it's kind of a random addition. Chris Freytag is motivating and bubbly without being obnoxious (I actually met her randomly at an event at a bike shop and she was so nice and GORGEOUS). There's the original version called 10 lb Slimdown which include 20 minute workouts, and 10 lb Slimdown Xtreme which include 40 minute workouts. All of the 10 lb Slimdown Xtreme workouts seem to be on Youtube here.

10 Minute Solution

This is an admittedly cheesy series that includes 5 10-minute workouts. They're perfect to add on an extra 10 minute weight session at the end of cardio, or to do the entire DVD for a great 50-minute workout. My favorites are Blast Off Belly Fat (why must these titles be so dramatic?!), Fitness Ball Workouts and Slim and Sculpt Pilates.

No More Trouble Zones

Okay, if anything actually could achieve spot/"trouble zones" reduction, this workout probably could do it. It's really tough and a great cardio and strength workout. Jillian is probably not for everyone, but I find her motivating and interesting and you can't deny her body is sick. 

Yoga Meltdown

I love doing yoga because I know how great and stretchy I feel afterwards, but sometimes... it's so boring. This DVD is great because it's more like a power yoga, with a lot of flows and some cardio thrown in. It's a bit awkward to be doing some of the cardio amidst the yoga practice, but I really like this when I need a good stretch but still want to work up a sweat.

10 Five-Minute Target Toners

If Jillian Michaels is an acquired taste, Denise Austin is REALLY an acquired taste. But there's a reason she's so famous for what she does; she's good at it. This workout includes 10 5-minute sessions, each devoted to a different body part. Sometimes I have to mute her perkiness but this DVD is great, and allows you to pick and choose what body parts you want to work on, or do all 10 of them for a great total body workout.


  1. totally trying the slim down youtube videos.

    maybe tomorrow.

    1. did you ever end up trying them? i'm curious if anyone else loves them as much as I do.